Bob Brown's Trueworthy Designs 26% Pitts 12 Kit

Bob's Report of the build of the Pitts 12 Kit from JTEC Radiowave

Joe,  I am sending a few pictures and description of a build I am doing on a Pitts model.  It is a different way for me to build without a set of drawings.  It is built using six laser building jigs for self aligning.  There are 29 ea. photos with descriptions of what to do which I studied before beginning. Not much to go by but it all comes together as you move from one step to another.  The most important thing to do to get a well aligned fitup is to make sure the horizontal planes are perfectly level.  You need to check this as you progress to further stages especially the cabanes to make sure of the correct incidence.  The jigs are used for the  fuselage, left wings and mid top wing.  Flip the jigs upside down for the right wings.  A few pictures are included on different stages I have done so far gives you an idea how easy it goes together.  the size of the top wing is 72",length is 74",50 to 70cc engine.  It is designed to house a canister or tuned pipe,plug-in built up wings, aluminum cabanes and carbon fiber landing gear.  I will send you progress pictures next month. I hope to finish it by February.-------Bob

February Update

Hi Joe,  I finally made some room in my shop to take some photos of the pitts plane. I set all my control surfaces on a separate channel to have the use of sub trim and travel on each servo,  I use the 9th channel for the engine cutoff.  I an not going to be happy with the checker design because I think it will start coming loose after a few flights.  I used Ultracote over Ultracote and got some air bubbles.  I should have called Wayne for some advice.  oh well, that's what happens when you get my age.