Kennebec Valley Model Aviators Classified Adds

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Avios BushMule 1500mm (59") Twin, Powered by two reverse capable motors,. Comes with wheels, floats, and skis. Requires 4S Lipo (3000mah) and your own receiver. $150.00
Flyzone Eluna 1.5m powered sailplane. Rudder, Elevator, Aileron and motor control. Requires Lipo (3S1300mah) and 4 channel receiver. $70.00
Many R C items have been donated to F C A M club by Tom Kannally's family, and Dick Lahaye. We are looking to find homes for all of this stuff.It can be viewed most any time by calling Wayne White at 612-8863 or Frank Bedard at 566-5032. If you find something you want, a small donation to F C A M would be appreciated. Wayne White 612-8863 or Frank Bedard at 566-5032.
WANTED- Plans for a biplane for my second winter project. If you have plans that I can copy please let me know. I am looking for a plane with around a 60 inch wing span. Thanks Steve Symonds or Cell 458-5692