Kennebec Valley Model Aviators, Inc.

KVMA Flight Instructors:

Arrangements may be made if necessary by contacting an instructor or one of the KVMA officers to assist new members learning proper procedures and flight training. .

A non-AMA member may fly at a chartered club site and receive member liability insurance protection as long as he/she is flying under the direct supervision of a club-designated Introductory Pilot Instructor.

Wayne White, 60 Preble Ave, Anson Me 04911, Ph: 207-612-8863,, (Introductory Pilot Instructor)

Dalton 'Shorty' Poulin, 10 Dominic St., Skowhegan Me  04976, 207-474-3696,, (Introductory Pilot Instructor)

Bob Chapman, 193 Malbons Mill Rd, Skowhegan Me  04976, Ph. 207-612-5027, (Introductory Pilot Instructor)

John Dyer, 67 West Road, Belgrade, Me 04917 Ph. 207-495-9214, (Introductory Pilot Instructor)

Chris Townsend, 155 East Side Road, Steuben, Me  04680 Ph. 207-749-7109, (Introductory Pilot Instructor)

Chris Hall, 67 East-West Lane, Belgrade Me  04917  Ph. (610) 393-5204,   (Introductory Pilot Instructor)